• What are industrial textiles?

    What are industrial textiles?

    Industrial textiles may be as old as traditional textiles, dating back thousands of years, but it was only after the invention of chemical fibres in the first half of the 20th century that their function was radically changed. Chemical fiber, as a kind of material has many other incomparable func...
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  • Propane fabric production essentials

    Propane fabric production essentials

    Some of the traditional polypropylene fabric products will be very prone to deformation and deterioration after a long time of use, but with the improvement of our processing technology, the products produced now have been able to fully make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies of previous pr...
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  • Polypropylene fibre

    Polypropylene fibre

    Polypropylene fiber is composed of propylene polymerization, melt spinning, due to no polar group molecules, intermolecular force is small, and because of the molecular chain more smooth, so the glass transition temperature of polypropylene under 0 ℃, the fiber with must adopt isotactic polypropy...
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